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We're building an internet that respects your freedom and protects your privacy.

Vikings is the world's first professional hosting company with a fully libre hosting platform stack. Our services are based 100% on libre boot firmware, libre software and are powered by certified green energy. We're your one stop source for libre hosting services as well as libre servers & workstations.
Vikings only provides products and services compatible with your freedom and will remain to do so.

Contact Vikings

Currently, you can contact Vikings by email, IRC (on Libera.Chat), by snail-mail and telephone:

General & Member Contact by email

Issues regarding Mail address GPG Key Download Notes
General Contact hello at vikings dot net Download General contact or just to say "hello".
Abuse Contact abuse at vikings dot net Download If you've witnessed network abuse (spamming or hacking) issues originating from our network, please contact our Abuse Team. Include logs of the offending activity if possible.


All outgoing emails from Vikings are signed by our GPG keys.

The email that you received from these accounts (mentioned above) have been signed among each other.

To authenticate our emails, you will need PGP software. We use the GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG or GPG) to implement PGP.

Getting our GPG keys

You can download our GPG keys from the links above or use the following command example in a GNU/Linux CLI to download the key ID 0x7BD63126 (hello at vikings dot net) from a keyserver:

gpg --recv-keys 0x7BD63126


Vikings uses greylisting on its mail servers for certain mail address in order to reduce the amount of spam received.

Greylisting works by sending a temporary SMTP error the first time an email is received from an unknown sender. Any legitimate mail servers that receive this error will resend the email successfully. The bulk mailers used by spammers do not usually try to resend email that is returned and so the spam is blocked on the first and only attempt at delivery.

Legitimate emails to Vikings should not be affected by greylisting. However, if you have any problem sending email, please contact abuse at vikings dot net.

IRC on Libera.Chat

You can meet us at #vikings on IRC (Libera.Chat) with your favorite IRC client or visit to join our channel.

If you're not familiar with IRC, please keep in mind that while we're usually online 24/7, we're humans and may not see your question for some time.

Office and snail mail address

Our offices and data center are located in the imperial city of Aachen, Germany.

Registered office


+49 241 60 95 60 95